How to Calm Sensory Overload

Sensory overload is something that many people may experience in their life time. The world today is full of such a wide array of color, shapes and sounds. In the same way, every day, you’re bound to meet all sorts of new … Read More

To Sing of Freedom

Our differences are a beautiful gift. Learning to respect one another for the things that make us each special is important as well. And yet, in today’s world, we have such a long way to go before we truly accomplish this. The … Read More

Memos for Hope

Hi there, starshine! ~ Have you ever found yourself carrying quotes with you throughout your day? Maybe it’s a song lyric you really like, or some words of encouragement from someone who inspires you. For me, it’s often from books I read … Read More

Windswept Daylight

It’s such a surreal feeling, driving through town knowing that most places are closed. The malls, libraries, and restaurants are all shutting doors as we face the pandemic that is sweeping our world, this 2020. We do what we can to stay … Read More

Engaging in Meaningful Relationships

Love, from my perspective, is simple and necessary. Our love for one another allows us to understand others, as well as ourselves. When I think of the times that I feel loved, it is generally in moments when people take the time … Read More

The Buoyant Spring

My favorite season is right around the corner! I love the weightless feeling of spring, as the whole neighborhood fills with light and music. ” Green grass, go onThere’s nothing to keep youRed tree, go onYou’ve waited a long time” The Innocence … Read More

Through the Narrow Gate

When we arrived at my brother Evan’s house in Montreal, a wave of nostalgia flowerd through my heart. This was my third time visiting, though this time around, with my boyfriend Will. We brought a home made apple crisp for dinner, and … Read More

Remembering How to Connect

I have had many wholesome experiences here in Canada. Vague memories of being here as a little baby are coming to surface, as I am reintroduced to the people and places I’ve known long ago. My family on my dad’s side lives … Read More

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